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Our range of processing technology covers all types of media & compounds, in addition to a wide selection of liquid and powder compounds.
The quality and composition of media and compound used in a finishing process is as important, if not more critical than the overall selection of the finishing equipment used. These consumables are an important factor in determining treatment time and productivity, in addition to the overall cost of finishing your part. Our range of consumables cover all types of media, in addition to a wide selection of liquid and powder compounds to produce the optimum and most economical finish possible.


  • ”Ceramic

    Ceramic media is the most economical and widely used form of medias.

    With an inventory of well over a hundred thousand pounds of various shapes, sizes, and abrasive bonds of ceramic media in our facilities, you can be assured of on-time shipments and continued ongoing service and support.


  • ”Plastic

    Because resin bonded medias density is generally 50-60% that of ceramic, the net cost is usually less than its ceramic counterpart. Its low density offers excellent surface refinement on ferrous metals or plastics where material removal is needed, yet, impingement cannot be tolerated.

    Plastic media is also used more and more on applications such as die castings and machined products due to its ability to resist chipping and fracturing, which is a common problem of ceramic media due to its bonding characteristics which can cause lodging nightmares.



  • ”Steel

    Steel media is used for bright lustre burnishing and deburring of ferrous and non-ferrous parts for handling purposes where surface refinement is not critical. Steel media is a popular choice in that in that it virtually does not wear.


  • ”Shot

    The large variety of shot blasting applications require an even larger number of shot blast media.

    Based on our experience and the available assortment of shot blast media we can recommend the optimum media for your application.



  • ”Compound

    Just as critical as media is to the overall finishing process, is the type of compound selected. The main role of compounds in addition to providing a desired end result (i.e. burnishing, deburring etc.) for a part, is to keep the parts and media clean, by suspending soils and not allowing them to be redeposited. By doing so, this provides the desired part finish and at the same time, keeps media from becoming contaminated and losing its effectiveness.


  • ”Corn

     Corn Cob Media is ideal for tumbling and vibratory finishing applications. Cleaning, drying and absorbing water, oils, and other surface contaminants on manufactured parts, Corn Cob Media works simultaneously to polish and debur.