Vibe A Prop


volvo penta prop LARGE

In addition to offering a wide range surface preparation equipment, we have revolutionized the propeller repair industry, in that we offer a turn-key approach to finishing and polishing a repaired propeller.

Have you ever dropped a repaired propeller while buffing and polishing, after you’ve straightened, welded and all but finished it completely, only to start on it all over again? How many times have you heard the complaints from the buffing stand? Don’t you have other things to do rather than hurry up and polish that prop before the customer shows up. If this sounds like your shop, then its time for Vibe-A-Prop!

The Vibe-A-Prop finisher not only eliminates the need for manual polishing from a 220 grit finish, but, it also eliminates the safety concerns associated with manual polishing operations. Additionally, with its automated timer control system, the Vibe-A-Prop can perform the work of an operator, and can do so even after shop hours, all without the complaints, costs, and concerns associated with polishing a repaired propeller. Hire the Vibe-A-Prop today!!!