VT-40LR Vibratory Long Radius Finisher


40 cu. Ft. Capacity / 30 HP / Auto Oil – Lubrication System / Overall Diameter – 124”


A finishing machine is the norm, but a long radius finishing machine has a greater diameter bowl. If this was it, then it would just be a larger machine, but the channel width decreases and therefore the center column on the machine is much larger than normal. This compounding effect gives you a very aggressive action in the channel because of it having a longer lever arm from the center of the vibration. At the end of that longer arm is more amplitude which can translate into more action. This style of machine was invented for steel ball burnishing due to it 3 to 4 times greater density than ceramic media loads. The other benefit to a long radius style machine is it can give longer dwell times for continuous cycle times.

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