VTHT-1736 Tub Finisher


17.5”W x 36”L x 19”D / 2 HP / 3.0 cu. Ft. Overall Work Capacity

Tub Finishers

Tub finishers are a versatile finishing machine for medium to large parts. Based on cubic foot capacity no other style gives you the channel width that a Tub Finisher does. Most processes involve putting the parts in and allowing them to rotate freely within the mass. Parts requiring little to no part on part impingement (contact damage) can easily be separated with removable compartment dividers. The location of the dividers can be customized to suit. The heavy-duty, interlocking structural design forms a U-shaped trough, with a premium poly-urethane lining and drain(s), mounted on coated coil springs, and a thick-wall tubing base frame. The Drive consists of a premium efficiency motor driving an offset drive shaft with easily adjustable weights, to increase or decrease the aggression of the machine. In large machines universal joints are used to link motor to drive shaft and in longer machines they are used to link multiple drive shafts together.

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