Plastic Finishing Medias


Advanced Finishing is the largest manufacturer and distributor of plastic deburring medias in North America. With production levels surpassing 3,000,000 pounds annually, we have the experience to develop and improve processes that can compete with the lower cost methods. Because plastic finishing media density is generally 60% that of ceramic deburring media, the net cost is usually the same or less than its ceramic counterpart. Its low density offers excellent surface refinement on ferrous metals or plastics where material removal is needed, yet, impingement cannot be tolerated.

Plastic media is also used more and more on applications such as die castings and machined products due to its ability to resist chipping and fracturing, which is a common problem of ceramic media due to its bonding characteristics which can cause lodging nightmares.

To assist in these needs, we provide free parts testing to ensure the special requirements are met.


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