Drag Finishing


Since our first installation in 1986, Advanced Finishing has become the world leader in Drag Finishing process research, development and installation. Capable of providing a variety of finishes, from aggressive deburring or pre-plate finishing to highly polished surfaces, Drag Finishing provides solutions for components that cannot tolerate the part on part contact associated with the more conventional types of equipment.

Parts with many contours or complex geometries, produced with extremely hard and difficult to machine materials, delicate and high value parts, and large scale finishing operations are all capable of utilizing Drag Finishing Technology.

Drag Finishing provides 100% part consistency, thereby greatly reducing or eliminating any associated scrap costs due to manual or other polishing operations. For those smaller scale production needs, our mini drag and plunge finishers offer the drag finishing advantage with reduced capital outlay and reduced floor space requirements.

For the facilities who cannot justify a Drag Finishing System within their facility, but could benefit from the technology, we are pleased to offer Dynastar Finishing. Dynastar Finishing is the only production facility in North America which provides production Drag Finishing services.


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