Wastewater Treatment


Water is an essential function in most finishing processes. Most of these processes produce fine particles of media and metal that are discharged into the waste stream. The resulting effluent from these operations are generally required by local municipalities to be treated prior to discharge into their local waste streams. Through a variety of alternatives, we are capable of producing highly filtered water for recycling or to meet compliance to send directly to drain.



Because of strict environmental standards placed on today’s waste streams, centrifugal recycling systems are now offering advantages for the treatment and reuse of wastewater. Through its centrifugal action, these units allow for the removal of solids from the waste water before it is to be reused again in the finishing process, while at the same time, greatly reducing compound and water consumption.



waste4Flocculation Units offer another alternative and operate via use of chemical additives. When added to the system, this additive forms large flakes, which settle quickly, thus enabling the clean water to be discharged or potentially reused in the finishing process. These systems generally offer very compact designs and are available in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic systems.


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